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E.  Jerald Forrester Scholarship 2021 Recipient

The Historical Society of Walton County is honored to announce the recipient of the 2021 E. Jerald Forrester Scholarship Award.  This scholarship is presented yearly to a senior from one of the Walton County High Schools and is in memory of E. Jerald “Jerry” Forrester, founding president of the Historical Society of Walton County.  

Austin Sever, a senior from Walnut Grove High School, was presented the scholarship award at the Walnut Grove High School Graduation in May. He plans to major in history with a minor in business. Congratulations Austin!  

Bicentennial Christmas Ornament

The Historical Society of Walton County received their second shipment of the 2018 Bicentennial Christmas ornament honoring the 200th birthday of Walton County. The cost per ornament is $12. 

Volunteers Needed

Vounteers are needed to open the Davis-Edwards House on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Also, volunteers are needed to assist in tours for the Walton County Schools. Call (770) 267-6663 or (770)466-8134 for more information.

 Christmas Ornaments

Following is a list of ornaments sold by the Society since 1972. If your collection is missing an ornament or two, please call (770)207-1229, (770) 466-8134 or (770) 267-6663 to see if a replacement is available.


1990  Kilgore Bridge - Circa 1894

1991  Walton County Courthouse Tower -  Circa 1883

1992  McDaniel-Tichenor House - Circa 1887

1993  Gunter Hall - Circa 1852

*1994  Davis-Edwards House - Circa 1845

*1995  William Harris Homestead - Circa 1825

1996  Walton Hotel - Circa 1887

1997  Walton County Courthouse - Circa 1883

*1998  Malinda's (Stephen Felker House) - Circa 1824

*1999  Jersey Bank - Circa 1904

*2000  Casulon - Circa 1824

*2001  The Hill - Circa 1832

*2002  Monroe Post Office - Monroe Art Guild - Circa 1932

2003  Good Hope General Store - Circa 1918

*2004  Church Street School - Circa 1904

*2005  The Rock Gym at Monroe High School - Circa 1930

*2006  Commerative Kilgore Bridge- Circa 1874

*2007  Social Circle Depot

*2008  The Primitve Baptist Church (On Stage Building) - Circa 1910

*2009  Giles Launius Carter Watkins - First Baptist Annex

*2010  Davis-Edwards House (40th Anniversary Edition)

*2018 Bicentennial Ornament

*Ornaments are still available


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